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   The time has come to announce that on December 31, 2016 Net's Art, Inc. will cease to operate as a business.  We'll have produced and sold unique watercolor illustrations in a variety of forms for 17 years.  In appreciation of all who have purchased our products over the years, we will sell only the best of our remaining inventory at near cost levels from now until November 30, 2016 or as long as we have remaining inventory. Prices will be the lowest ever...just above my cost of producing them.   As we sell out of any item we'll take that design off the website.  I'll be continuing to update our website to reflect the new prices.

Please take advantage of this opportunity.  The inventory that remains at year end will have to be destroyed to meet IRS requirements for closing the business.    

Looking forward to working with you until we close.


God bless you,


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